Existing Sole Trader

You already have your own recruitment business as a sole trader, your client base is established and you enjoy the work from home.

Your initial investment has started to give you a good return, however, a few years in you now find that your website lacks punch, your resources are a bit stretched and the time needed to think about, let alone deal with these things is going to have a significant impact on your billings. We’ve estimated that around 30% of your time is spent on non-billing activities.

At this stage you can also start feeling a bit small, fledgling accounts are starting require more focus and delivery, sometimes this could be in areas that you have little or no experience.

This represents risk.

You need help, more resources, a bigger digital footprint and more support - both operationally and strategically.

By joining the team at Parc Ellis you’ll instantly get back 30% of your time and you’ll have a support network on hand to help deliver and develop your capability.

You’ll get opportunities that come from an established networked brand, marketing, advertising, invoicing, credit control, factoring and IT systems is just the start. Being able to bounce ideas off people, put together case studies and broaden your reach into supporting large scale or inhouse projects will help you grow as a recruiter and become even more successful.

Perhaps more importantly, the work will become more interesting.

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Bespoke 100%
100% Complete
Offsite 70%
70% Complete
Onsite 90%
90% Complete