Advisory / Consultancy

Advisory or consultancy recruitment is where most of our clients start with us. We see it as an opportunity to talk like best friends and review your company’s status quo. This is where you speak and we listen. We would love to know your challenges, your struggling processes and how we can advise you on all areas of your recruitment journey including where it connects with other departments within your business.

A well-designed process is essential and we will ensure to make yours more structured or stronger, whilst remaining agile and efficient. With a talent portfolio developed over the past 10 years coupled with deep experience in project and solutions delivery, we can minimize time to hire and maximize hiring effectiveness for managers looking for the best people.

Perhaps your RPO, PSL or Recruitment Team are struggling to deliver what you expect or need, there is never a perfect time to get in touch with us. Our knowledge within this area has been gained by working with some of the largest global suppliers in the world and we are happy to share that with you, anytime.



Onsite / Remote 

In today's competitive market, workplace information is everything. One of the biggest complaints we hear from candidates is how companies never revert and leave them guessing. Our onsite solutions seamlessly connect the internal feedback and communication with the candidate, massively improving reputation and enhancing employer brand..

Our Onsite / Remote recruitment is oriented towards identifying with your culture, people and values in order to give candidates detailed information they need ahead of any interview process. We become an additional resource to your business whilst building your organizational recruitment pipeline.

What’s more?

With full support of Parc Ellis Recruitment Network, you will have consultants working onsite or remotely with you. This translates to multiple advertising channels to you, social Media accounts, Job Boards and a network of over 500 additional recruitment specialists working in specific sectors or niche markets. We are simply here to make things work.



Project Work   

Some of our clients have an established recruitment workflow however will still experience change, products may pivot, new business is won or the company goes through a period of aggressive growth where a fast scalable solution is vital. Our project based recruitment is exactly what our clients reach for during these times. Our solution is on-demand, when needed. Our recruitment expertise and HR knowledge gives us legitimacy and a surefire professional network to continually connect your business with high performing candidates for specific projects or campaigns.

We work closely with you to understand your business and increase your in-house scope of finding suitable candidates within an active market. We would only engage in retained or sole agreements and in return we offer you commitment, advice, analytics, insights and results. Our consultants are keen to understand your culture and work within your timeframe and preferences.




Bespoke 100%
100% Complete
Offsite 70%
70% Complete
Onsite 90%
90% Complete