Leaving an Agency

You’ve probably arrived at this page because you’re an experienced recruiter exploring the possibility of branching out for yourself and feel confident enough to make it work. 

What we hope to do is encourage you to come and talk to us before you start your journey.

 You’re probably one of the following;

1. An experienced recruiter frustrated with the commission or how you’re managed

2. An ex-recruiter returning from a career break with a need for agile or flexible working

3. A recruiter looking for some work/life balance

We will guide you through the numbers, the admin and set-up and highlight some of the challenges you’ll face going it alone. We’re confident that once you take a look at the detail, you’ll come to the conclusion that we have a great proposition that you can easily fit into with no up-front costs. Essentially you’d be capable of billing from day one.

With our help, those initial difficult years will be taken away and you’ll be able to slot seamlessly into an already functioning recruitment business, whilst retaining complete control over how you work.

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Bespoke 100%
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Offsite 70%
70% Complete
Onsite 90%
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