We Are Growing

Back in 2008 we dared to be different.  Today, flexible working and agile style project teams are all the rage, but back then we were blazing a trail for others to follow. Allowing our recruiters to run their own desks as micro-brands within the structure was an industry first.   

Recruiters that use the Parc Ellis brand can set their own fee structure, choose who they work with and how they work with them.

They can work onsite charging a day rate, do retained search only, offer a contingency service or a combination of all of those.

They can even work part time and still have access to all the agency tools they need. In short, they have complete autonomy to generate a sizeable income for themselves and achieve the work/life balance they’re looking for.

Click here if you are thinking of leaving an agency, and here if you currently work as a sole trader for more information.

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